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Mistress Furia Fuego Madrid Pain

Fetish Dominatrix with exquisite taste. Madrid.

Those who know Me, define Me as a unique and limited adiction that you can always trust.
A wicked mind full of creative ways.
From My hand, you will get to enter the heaven or hell of BDSM.

Mistress Furia Fuego Madrid Pony play

Here I show you onlymaker what I wan to show you:

My essence. Then you must decide if you take the next step.
If so, I decide if I left you in.
Do you dare?


I will play with you to make your fantasies come true, without judging and with absolute discretion.

No fetish is off limits unless it is against Safety, Health and Consensus.

Mistress Furia Fuego Madrid Strap on

I cater to all sexual identities, colors, religions, genders, shapes, sizes, and of course people with physical or mental disabilities.

(Be specific about the day and time, taking into account that my availability is limited and I do NOT meet with less than 48 hours in advance).

Mistress Furia Fuego Madrid Cuckold


I will not get into a long list  of the practices that I do. I expect you to specify them to me upon contacting Me.

(Be precise and specific about the day and time, taking into account that my availability is limited and I do NOT meet less than 48 hours in advance).



Punctuality, it is the first demonstration of respect to your Mistress in session.

Always deliver the exact tribute in a well presented envelope before starting our session.

Shower before and after the session under my supervision, basic cleanliness and hygiene.

Do not ask questions that intrude on my privacy, remember where and with whom you are.

If we have agreed on some anal play, do an enema before coming, to avoid dirt.

If you have decided to treat me as you or keep it to yourself, do not reverse them, it is a very serious offense.

If you find the slightest physical discomfort or dizziness, do not hesitate to let me know as soon as possible.

If you dare to contact, be polite.

Good manners are the first filter  and shall be used while filling out the form below. Introduce yourself in a respectful manner or I will throw your email in the trash can inmediately without even going through all of it.


Prepare for the unexpected...

You can also pay tribute to me through this wish list.

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